Mission Statement

As you may already know, MIST Toronto is approaching very quickly. At this time of high stress and non-stop preparation, a true competitor is already on top of things and is prepared to compete at the highest level. To ensure our participants are all ready to compete at MIST 2017 in March, we created our website to provide our competitors with all the necessary information, news updates, and criteria to win. Our website:

  • Is a hub for students where they can share ideas, learn new things, and motivate each other for MIST.
  • Sets reminders related to MIST. (Examples: MIST meetings, discussions, check ups, etc.)
  • Spreads the word and advertises MIST Toronto.
  • Helps keep students connected.
  • Provides timings for the five daily prayers
  • Provides a system of communications for MIST Participants, Coaches, and Ambassadors.
  • Provides guidelines for different MIST categories for students to reference when preparing their work.


By providing our competitors with these services and information, we make it easier for them to focus on preparing their best work possible to bring another trophy back to IFS. Our website is the main tool that IFS competitors can use in preparation for and during MIST Toronto 2017.